Song Lyrics Art is Words at Play. Lyrics from your favorite music artists and song lyrics, custom designed as unique wall decor.

Also part of my shop is Wine Bottle Art quotes, and Coffee Mug Art quotes, and Famous Women quotes.

Almost a year ago I decided that I had to take my 2 passions and turn it into something meaningful and fun!

In a my former working career I was a Facility Manager for 12 years. But I needed a creative outlet... how to make it fun and escape the corporate world? My love of rock and roll and inspired quotes got me thinking I could take the 2 and make something cool with it. t. Voila, Lyrically Speaking Designs™ was born. I shortened that to Song Lyrics Art so that it wasn't so long to type...

I also have a lot of friends that know how to appreciate a good bottle of wine. Well there are all kinds of funny, witty sarcastic quotes about wine drinking that I simply have to share. See my Wine Art Quotes section for some light-hearted wine humor for wine enthusiasts.

All of these are captured on a high quality print, a canvas wrap or a laminated plaque. See my policies page for details on your production choices.

Also if you have a special quote or song you would like to have designed, contact me and I will get back to you on your request. Many requests are done free of charge if they can be added to my shop for future use.

You can also find me at Ebay.

This is me at 2 (yup, black and white pics back then!) It was instant love.



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